Innovation Never Stops


Our design process begins with listening.

Some of our best engineering designs came from listening to our customers and our technical partners.

Each and every aspect of our grow lights are engineered with a specific  purpose, whether it is by increasing efficiency, improving light distribution, or triggering a certain behavior from your plants.

Our design is also objective-based. We engineer innovative solutions for the ever-evolving commercial growing market. Over the years, we have built solutions for full cycle indoor grow operations, supplemental lighting for greenhouses, commercial vertical gardens and much more.

As designers, we live in the future, and we make it our mission to bring the future to you. 


Energy Efficiency


Creating the perfect agriculture lighting solution is much more than just generating the appropriate spectrum and distributing photons evenly. The future of sustainable agriculture relies on energy efficiency. 

Each component within our grow lights has been meticulously engineered to get the most out of every kilowatt hour of electricity it consumes. The result gives birth to energy efficient and high performance grow lighting solutions. Not only does this help preserve the world we live in, but also makes a measurable impact to your organization's bottom line.

As part of an international grow light manufacturer, our lighting solutions are regularly tested around the world for performance and energy efficiency. Our latest test results come from the prestigious German Lighting & Optic Testing Laboratory, Opsira. Agro Lighting ranks amongst some of the world's most efficient, high performance agriculture lighting solutions available on today's market.

LED Technology & Sustainability

For Agro Lighting, sustainability has never been optional. That is why using energy efficient LED technology in our grow light solutions has always been a conscious choice.

LED technology has gone through tremendous evolution since its first introduction in 1927. As LED technology rapidly expands into commercial application use, high quality LEDs have become more affordable to the general market.


Today, Agro Lighting partners with some of the world's best and largest semiconductor manufacturers such as Osram, CREE and Epileds to build grow lights using the latest technology. Through science, we have been able to identify the optimal spectrum for the photosynthetic process.  Creating sustainable agricultural farming solutions are vital to our collective global future. Join us as we continue to find innovative solutions via science and technology.

Customized for You

At Agro Lighting, we approach every project as a unique challenge.

We study each of our clients' goals and objectives as well as their growth philosophy and historical successes. Combining our clients' expertise with our wealth of knowledge and experience in designing and implementing agriculture lighting solutions, we have helped increase crop quality, yield and profit margin, while reducing operating expenses for large scale commercial grow operations and micro grow projects alike.

Give us a call and find out how we can help you today!

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